About Us


In 1995, we earned the first money by developing custom software. This was followed by dozens of tasks of varying difficulty - from office and warehouse automation solutions to very specific ones (for example, once we provided an automated irrigation solution to farmers in Scotland).

In 1998, we designed the first website for a client. Probably it was one of the first hundred Russian commercial websites.

In 2004, we launched a mobile application for Palm OS / Pocket PC (a Warehouse Inventory Mobile app - bar codes, labels, integration with 1C: Accounting / 1C: Enterprise, etc.). Now these platforms no longer exist (Palm OS is now of minimal use in the warehouse industry, and Pocket PC has evolved into Windows Mobile and Windows Phone OS).

In 2010, we created the first iPhone / Android app for our client.

20 years in the industry - that's quite a feat!

A lot has been accomplished between now and then, so that we can say with certainty: we can do everything, or almost everything. If there is something we don’t know, we know who to outsource the task to.

Relying on the versatility of our competencies, we offer Digital-Consulting as a service for you to start with.

What is Digital-Consulting?

Suppose you own a business with a digital technology as its integral part. It may be a website, office software, a Cloud PBX, etc.

What can we start with?

An outdated website? The website does not sell? Obsolete office software that does not meet your current needs? Any mobile app ideas for your business?

We are here for you and ready to help.

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Desktop Application Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile Web Development

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