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Desktop Application Development

Although there are hundreds of ready-made "packaged" solutions, business processes of organizations sometimes require custom software, i.e. specially designed to fit the client needs. We are ready to automate your business procedures and develop innovative solutions.

“Desktop” is an umbrella term for classic desktop computers as well as laptops and other devices running on operating systems designed for this class of equipment. In other words, it is everything but an iOS / Android tablet (or on any other mobile operating system) or a smartphone.

Desktop Development (or Desktop Software Development) involves creating applications for various Windows versions (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other Subversions for Windows), and macOS.

In addition to Windows and macOS, we are ready to work with some versions of Linux (on request).

Where and how can desktop apps be used?

- Databases and directories;

- Reporting automation;

- Inventory control;

- etc.

To put it simply, workflow automation.

Otherwise speaking, desktop software refers to everything that solves the client’s issues, interacting with the user by means of a classic PC.

We are ready to work with any additional software or utilities, such as:

- barcode scanners (fixed and mobile);

- barcode label printers;

- document scanners;

- communication devices;

- video cameras (video surveillance systems);

- industrial controllers;

- and other hard- and software.

Besides, your desktop software can interact with mobile apps for iOS / Android (details here).

We’ll be glad to discuss your workflow automation and your software possible integration with any modern peripherals.

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