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Mobile Web Development

There are two main ways for a business to establish its mobile web presence:

1. Responsive Design Of The Primary Website

With simple websites it is possible to apply responsive design. No matter what type of device the user is seeing your website page on, the website adapts its layout to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly. Our website is using responsive design.

What are the advantages of responsive design? You can save a significant amount of time and money on new website development and support. When your site has one responsive design that scales to fit any device, it’s easier and more efficient for Yandex and Google to crawl, index, and recognize it as mobile-friendly, ranking it higher in search results. Thus you are not losing your potential mobile audience (from search engines) and retain your existing customers (all your visitors feel comfortable at your site).

2. Mobile Version Of The Website

A multilevel structure of the sections or/and complex functionality of the site (inquiry forms, search bars, etc.) require a more serious approach to the development of a mobile version of the project. Such development then results in a separate website that runs on its own platform, and uses databases of the primary, "classic" website.

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