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According to TNS Web Index data as of December 2014, 68% of all Internet users went online using mobile devices at least once a month.

It is impossible to ignore, isn't it?

90% of a modern mobile devices capable of going online are iOS / Android smartphones, which are able to run applications.

What can we do for you?

Apart from the mobile web design [the mobile version or responsive design for your website], we offer mobile app development for iOS / Android. These applications can interact with your website (registration, authorization, access to the website data). Your users / customers see these app icons on their home screens all the time, enjoying a higher level of usability than with mobile version of the website.

Where can mobile apps for iOS/Android be used?

1. Extending your website’s functionality to mobile devices. Your visitors / users / customers come to your website with the help of classic desktop PCs. Sometimes they need to get to the information from your site, but a classical computer is not available (but there is a smartphone). If your website has a mobile version – it is good. If your customers have your app installed on their smartphone - it is great!

2. New, innovative functionality that is not available via classical websites or applications for conventional PCs. Modern smartphones are equipped with geolocation tools, cameras and other features / capabilities through which you can build such unparalleled schemes of user interaction with your project, which used to be impossible.

Mobile web or mobile app: which option to choose?

On the one hand, it’s a bit easier for a user to open a mobile version of the website than to download / install the app and start using it. On the other hand, applications have functionality which just does not exist in "mobile web".

We offer expert evaluation to find the optimal solution. We will be glad to discuss your objectives and requirements to the application; to design build and launch strong mobile presence for your business.

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