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Highly Scalable Websites and BigData


DigitalBurn is a platform and a set of complementary solutions (configurations), which allow you to propel your project to a whole new level:

- from a single server to a configuration with an unlimited amount of equipment capable of withstanding industrial loads;

- from software running on the simplest configurations to multi-server cloud.


1. Mobile Analytics

An Analytics service for mobile applications, is one of our projects implemented on DigitalBurn platform.

Millions of iOS / Android smartphones have a deployed code, which every second sends tens of thousands of event notifications to the server hardware of the project.

These notifications are processed on the server side of the project, and the application owners get access to the optimally stored statistics.

To put it another way, every second the equipment responds to tens of thousands of queries, processes the data (the application ID, the type of the event, additional parameters of the event, etc.), after which the data is available for viewing in the custom reports.

The next example of optimization within this project - the application owner’s account itself, which allows to immediately get reporting on the events that took place just a few seconds ago.

2. Advertising Network

The Advertising banner network, is yet another project on our DigitalBurn platform.

Hundreds of thousands of Internet users visit pages of various websites every second. Every time a page is opened, an ad (a banner or a video) appears.

We have developed a DigitalBurn-platform-based solution which allows to process queries from websites and make decisions quickly: selecting a banner based on the most appropriate advertising campaign (multiple targeting parameters, user interests, etc.); saving data on ad displays and clicks through to the advertised websites; online access to reports, etc.

DigitalBurn is a low-level solution which gives the possibility to build on a wide range of functionality to your needs, from "simple" highly scalable websites to industrial services.

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Promotion of websites, products, and services

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